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Based in Bath, UK

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Building Web Sites that Work

ASWeb build web sites and can supply all of the raw materials for you as well. When you build a house you employ an architect, an engineer and a builder to make sure that it is designed in such a way that it will remain standing and keep out the weather during sunshine and storms. We will do the same for your web site. There are many factors which determine the effectiveness of a web site and we have the experience to be able to incorporate best practice when you decide to develop a web presence with us.

Size doesn't matter

Our services are aimed at SMEs, partnerships, sole traders and similar organisations. We also operate in a consulting role for much larger businesses. In particular we are able to handle complex database design which is the key to providing web development services for larger companies.


ASWeb began creating websites in May 1998 but the experience of computers and business systems goes back a lot further than that. Much of our experience has been gained in safety critical environments and we apply the same engineering standards to our work now as we have always done. Our principal aim is to ensure that that which we build works efficiently and keeps working - even when others are grinding to a halt. We are not perfect but see nothing wrong with striving for perfection.

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Benno Rawlinson

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Mobile Wash Bays

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