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Web Design

The design of your site not only determines what it looks like but it has a huge impact on the number of people who are ever likely to see it in the first place. It is essential that your website is well designed if it is to be of any benefit to your business. If your current designers need assistance in designing for the web, we will be happy to work alongside them to provide you with an effective site.

Web Development

Web development means the development of code which gives a website additional functionality over and above the simple display of pre-set information. This can help your business to communicate with your customers, sell your products and in some cases, deliver your products!. To extract real benefit from the Internet, your web presence needs to be a part of your business processes. Up to the minute information on your web site can ease the load on office staff and greatly improve the experience for your customers. Whether you need simple text editors for your web site or full catalogues and e-commerce capabilities, ASWeb can help you.

Web Consulting

Having a background in Business Process Re-Design, Programming ability and a thorough knowledge of Internet technology, we have the ideal combination of skills to help you use the web effectively. The Internet is not about the technology, it is about the opportunity for new business processes. The Internet does not provide you with the ability to do anything new but it does provide you with the ability to do things differently and reach an extended audience. ASWeb can advise on strategies for exploiting the web and on all practical matters associated with building an effective web presence.

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