Your hosting arrangement determines what you can do with your web site – many basic packages provide little more than the ability to display static html pages. For database driven sites, secure transactions and sites that need to be frequently updated, more comprehensive hosting packages are required.  ASWeb can advise on and provide the right hosting for you at prices starting from £69 + VAT per year.

Shared hosting has been available since websites first started being created and it remains a cost effective way for individuals and small businesses to create a web presence. The job of administering the servers and keeping them secure falls to the professionals with the website owners left with the sole task of ensuring that their website presents the information they want it to.  ASWeb can provide shared web hosting which includes a control panel and one-click installation of many popular web applications including WordPress and osCommerce.  Prices start from just £69 per year.

For those requiring a guaranteed share of a webservers bandwidth and resources, Virtual Private Servers and Hybrid servers still share hardware with other users but operate as a separate virtual machine.  This kind of hosting is suitable for a business that needs to ensure that they can support a large number of users accessing their website at the same.  If your business relies on it’s web presence in order to run business processes, this is the minimum form of hosting that you should consider.

For companies requiring sole use of a servers resources on their own physical machine, a dedicated server is the logical choice.  Dedicated servers can be build to meet the needs of a single business rather than being configured for a wide audience.  ASWeb can help you specify the capabilities of your dedicated server and can manage the configuration of the server including keeping software and security patches up to date.  Most server Operating Systems can be supplied.

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