Established in 1999 as a trading name of Adelard steel Limited, ASWeb has been helping clients understand the Internet and manage their web presence ever since.  From securing clients’ intellectual property by acquiring suitable domain names to purchasing the right Internet and web services for their businesses and creating robust web applications, ASWeb is an independent voice providing advice that is easily understood.

The Internet has given rise to a plethora of services supported by a whole new library of jargon.  Navigating your way through the technology and terminology can seem very daunting.  We are committed to using our detailed knowledge of business and the Internet to provide advice that helps you with what is necessary rather than just the latest fad.


ASWeb can provide a wide variety of shared and dedicated hosting on a range of platforms. We host for numerous small businesses at very low cost and have provided specialist hosting for demanding applications and one of the biggest high street retailers.

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Domain names

ASWeb manages hundreds of domain names for organisations large and small as well as individuals. We can register domain names and provide DNS services for a huge range of UK and international domain extensions, all at highly competitive prices.