In the early days of the World Wide Web, there was an opportunity for businesses of any size to reach an audience that they previously couldn’t even dream of. As more and more businesses joined the Internet and large corporations began to understand how the technology worked, opportunities for smaller businesses became more difficult to realise. Search Engine position became an incredibly important aspect of website design.  ASWeb were able to build websites that gave clients a huge advantage over others in that they achieved top five positions on a Google search for their chosen phrases. In recent years, it is much more competitive and the success of your website is not something that can be achieved through the design and construction of your website alone.

Many people ask if ASWeb “does Search Engine Optimisation?”  The answer is that we do but only during the build of a website.  Once a site has been constructed, it is too late to consider search engine performance.  The titles, text and the way the site is coded all contribute towards search engine performance and unless you get them all right, you will be at a disadvantage.  Many sites these days have systems built into them that allow owners to add descriptions and tags to individual pages.  These have limited impact on performance as search engines go to great lengths to ensure that their searches return sites relevant to what their users are looking for.

There are a number of things you can do to make your site more successful but the starting point is to write good content that describes what you do.  You should also aim to list your site wherever you can to ensure that search engine crawlers come across your site more often.

ASWeb can help you understand how your website works and what you need to do to boost its popularity.


Contrary to popular belief, GDPR (The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulations) will not mean the end of email marketing.  What it does aim to do is to ensure that you do not have your contact information passed around marketing companies without your consent.  Also outlawed is the practice of obtaining consent by default i.e. requiring the user to take action to avoid being added to a mailing list.

ASWeb can provide your business with a system that: makes it easy for people to consent to join your mailing list; stores your mailing list in a secure manner; provides automated removal if any of your contacts change their mind; enables you to communicate easily and flexibly while still complying with the law.

Many businesses frustrated with their failure to achieve a good search engine position are persuaded to pay for web advertising.  Google ad words has been a popular way of advertising but it also shows quickly how expensive achieving exposure can be in a highly competitive market.  Advertising can still be cost effective but it is important to advertise in the right place and in the right way.

ASWeb can help you identify the best way to advertise your website and attract the right sort of traffic to build your business.  Don’t forget the real world.